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  • iPod emulation

    I'm working on my first car pc and haven't seen any software that can act like an iPod, so I wrote some. I have a stock radio with steering wheel controls and no audio inputs. I wanted to connect a carpc and be able to use the dash and steering wheel controls. I bought a soundgate gmpd4, which gave me aux in and an ipod connector. I was wondering if anyone has seen software that will respond to an ipod accessory as though the pc was an ipod. This would allow just about any car to get good functionality out of a car pc without needing to replace the head unit. If no one has written software like this before, I'll go ahead and open source mine as soon as I get it into a more functional state. It mostly works now, but could use some polish. I've also hacked apart the cable to the gmpd4 and figured out it's baud rate and what wires need to be connected to what to make it work with the pc. Anyone interested?