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VERY simple interface for HTPC for campervan install?

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  • VERY simple interface for HTPC for campervan install?

    I'm looking for a very simple, easy to use interface for a HTPC which will be controlled by a windows IR remote.

    The unit isn't very powerful as low watts was my main concern! (engine won't be running when it's in use) It runs standard dvd/divx movies fine but I doubt it'd do more which doesn't really matter as the screen it's going to be connected to wouldn't manage it anyway!

    Is there a HTPC interface which can be used in conjunction with the media centre remote that DOESNT need a powerful graphics card?

    XBMC for example uses a fairly intensive interface which requires a Nvidia or ATI card (these cards alone usually draw 30-60watts!).

    All I need it to do is play dvds, divx and mp3s and that's pretty much it!

    Any advice appreciated.

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    Which version of windows?

    And also, what are the hardware specs?

    If you are using Vista / windows 7, then try out the Media Centre on it....runs nicely on my GMA950 video card, and plays most things once you install a codec pack, and it is a very clean interface, plus its included on vista/win7 if you are using those.


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      Win XP for boot times and resources.

      It's pretty much an Eeepc so no fancy graphics or spec just 6-8w draw.