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USB IR Recognized as Keyboard issues

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  • USB IR Recognized as Keyboard issues

    I have had a Generic USB IR in use for steering wheel controls for a while now. I use girder to control the commands coming from the Steering Wheel to function with RideRunner. I hvae not had any problems except for volume. Even with girder not running windows recognizes the volume up, and volume down. My problem is that windows is recognizing the USB IR as an HID or Keyboard. When I want to have girder control the volume with RR it is overridden by windows and I don't get the volume up/down stepping I want. I disable "HID Input" in the services but of course it disabled all my steering wheel controls. Is there a way to disable windows from accepting volume from a keybaord? Is it receiving a hotkey command? Am I out of luck here, is there generic USB IR drivers out there? I can't find anything conclusive.