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help with my first build !

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  • help with my first build !

    god i hope this is in the right forum.
    ok i bought a carputer on saturday and ive been intsalling it on and off since. i finished today to find out that there is no o.s (operating system) with it and that they had left the setup disc out of the box also.... this is the pc i bought and i also bought the flip out screen has anyone ever used one of these before ? or no anything about them ?? plz get back to me as i have 100 questions !! thank you.

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    Welcome to mp3car!

    That looks like a standard PC. I would assume like any other PC, you can install Windows or Linux on it, and then at that point you have a choice of frontends, gps apps, and other support software to choose from
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      Ok kul well the computer didnt cum with any discs for a setup or anything only 1 for blue tooth and i am realy lost at this point wanted to put windows xp on it but i get get nethin to work on it wen i put it in pc mode and stick in a disc it jst sais invalid system disc !!!


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        kinda dated hardware, but meh, it'll do.

        LinuxICE should run well on that hardware.
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          ook now stupid qeustion time wer can i get linux ice ?