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Win7 and 5.1 sound on a Zotac board with Realtek audio

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  • Win7 and 5.1 sound on a Zotac board with Realtek audio

    I have 5.1 selected in everything but it doesnt seem to be functioning like it would in XP or Vista. I can only hear symbals and light noises coming out of the back speakers and the subs arent receiving anything. If I "test" the speakers in the Realtek tool they all work fine.

    Thoughts? Have other people experienced this?

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    how many channels is your test material?
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      probably get a better answer/ faster response on the Zotac website.


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        The material is the same audio and video files I played on the carputer when it had XP and Vista and the surround + subs always worked fine.


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          Been messing with it for hours. Here is a massive thread about the issue:


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            Bump - anyone have anymore information on this or has anyone fixed it with a Realtek sound card? I contacted Realtek and Zotac... Realtek said it was a Microsoft issue and Zotac said to watch our for new drivers and bios revisions.


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              What version windows 7 are you using and what Zotac MB is it?


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                Updated version of Ultimate 32bit with the Zotac dual core atom motherboard with built in wifi (D-E version).


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                  what driver number are you using, and did you use windows update to get it?

                  Edit: Try the one listed for win7 and vista here, if you haven't already.


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                    Same issue. It's beyond annoying. Worked fine in XP, upgrade to win7 64bit and now it sounds like the rear speakers are underwater for lack of a better way to describe it. It's faint and muffled at best, but "test's" fine. Does this set as quadraphonic and 5.1. I've tried multiple driver versions now. Same result.

                    Seriously nice "feature" there.

                    Update: I uninstalled and tried to update to the newest released AGAIN (R2.38), no change. Still broken. 2.1, or setting the rear speakers as just another set of "front" speakers is the only present work-around, which sucks as I can't adjust levels. Speakerfill just blows.
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