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Fastest way to copy library over local network..?

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  • Fastest way to copy library over local network..?

    I have just about 60gb of my music library on my mac running Leopard all consolidated in one folder, then arranged by artists inside that folder.

    On my mac I have all sharing options turned on... FTB, mac file share, SAMBA (windows file sharing), etc.. I just don't know whats going to be best. . . Maybe there's another 3rd party way out there you guys suggest.

    I'm copying to my netbook with stripped xp SP3 on it with a 120gb hd to get it ready to permanently installed in my truck. I'd just take the hard drive out and throw it in my external firewire enclosure but the acer aspire one is a bi*** to take apart and swap hard drives... should have copied the music before putting the hard drive in and putting it all back together.



    windows/mac software suggestions are both accepted Ive got win7 and os/x on my powerbook(EDIT: i mean macbook pro.. miss my ole powerbook) thanks
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    Drag/drop is about the best you can do.
    For large-scale file transfers, a wired network is a must. A gigabit network is ideal for raw file transfer speed, assuming you have capable hardware.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Theres software that can beat out a standard samba transfer but its very expensive (commercial use mainly) and not really worth it. Best thing is use a wired network like DarquePervert said.
      * If you do happen to have a gigabit network make sure jumbo frames are enabled.
      * If your using a wireless make sure you have full signal strength.
      * Ensure both computers are not being used for the transfer and close any running applications that may use a lot of bandwidth or hard disk access.
      * Find a nice book to read while you wait......
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        Wired, not wireless. Drag and drop and wait. It ought to work alright, let it go overnight.
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          Sync Toy 2.0. Itīs great. It keeps a log if there's any error, so you can run again and copy only the missing files come next morning.

          If you try the explorer or other simple program, it may stop mid way and you'll never know which file was caused the problem (maybe because it was being used, directory was open, too long file name on destination, etc.)
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            I utility i would like to point out for 2000,xp,vista users is HoboCopy.
            Hobocopy on external site due to main site having issues atm.

            Hobocopy is a awesome little app that allows you to use windows shadow service to copy files via command prompt. This program allows a broad range of command line options which when combined with a good batch file. Will let you copy any time with out a drama at all. Even when in use or locked by the system. I use it with my weekly sync combined with the commandline option of using overwrite existing/modified times.

            It is something i suggest a few people have a look at, Will save a few headaches
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              what dp said but more than likely if you had that network you couldnt be here asking questions. If only you had an external hdd with esata... that would be faster...

              Or a cloak and wheelbarrow...
              Wait thats for storming the castle...

              Another thought would be if you had four ports on the data computer and a bunch of wireless cards on the other computer you could... nevermind I have gone to far again...
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              thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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                Thanks for all your suggests, all are great ideas and will be considered in future needs.

                The netbook doesn't have 802.11n or does it have a gigabit ethernet adapter, although my macbook has both, but.. meh, still not wanting to remove the hard drive from the netbook, I proceeded to go over wireless because a network cable wasn't handy. I enabled windows file sharing in os/x and started the xfer of my music folder, a half hour later, it reported that over 6 hours remained, bleh. I canceled, enabled FTP file sharing in os/x, ftp'd to my macbook on the netbook, drag n' drop.. 1hr 45m later, 57gb of music transferred completely
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                  52 hours of contemplating later... Simple file sharing takes 6:30, ftp takes 1:45 for a one time operation. LOL Just had to point that out.


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                    Well, I just hadn't been on the board until today. It really did take under two hours :P ... thats funny.
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                      I love my 5Ghz 802.11Nd2 router and adapters Transfer many Gb's of stuff in minutes. Can't beat good 'ol drag-n-drop over high speed wifi.
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