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  • Winamp 2.90

    A while between updates, but nice to see the better of the winamps (IMHO anyway) is getting some work done to it still...

    not listed on the offical site yet, but get it from here...

    guessing it will be on in a few days.... time to update the car player too..

    some nice improvements too.... a media center plugin - alot like the one in WA3, plus DivX support, etc, etc... and a nicer looking default skin too..... which is damm nice..
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    Been using 2.90beta for a couple of weeks now, and I must say, even though it was beta, it seems very solid. No problems at all!

    Glad to see the final is now finally here - cheers Nullsoft!
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      ?? Has winamp3 been out a while already?


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        Yes, it has, but imo version 2 is better. Faster, less bloated, plus it`s what i`m used to. Obvoisly many other people feel the same way, as they are still updating ver 2.
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          With Winamp3 they changed the whole structure, allows more flexiblility with skins etc.

          But it takes a lot of power to laughs at my p233, it is a draw with my p3 450.

          But the Athlon can easily handle it.

          So winamp 2.xx is still under the older easier to run structure.
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            Will this play dvds assuming you have a commercial decoder? Like can you add vob files to playlists straight off a dvd? Thanks.

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              no it will not do dvd, you'd need to get the plugin for dvd suport but that'll cost you some money
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                Sweet, the only part that made me want version 3 was the media library, but now 2 has it, and i cant stand how laggy 3 is.
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