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ezPowerPlan -- Ugly Vista-ish Power Plan Control

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  • ezPowerPlan -- Ugly Vista-ish Power Plan Control

    Ok, well I officially lasted a month and a half with Windows 7 installed on my laptop before cursing the Windows 7 team's idiocity for getting rid of the quick select for power plans in the system tray.

    If you dont know what I mean, in Vista you could choose between Power Saver, Balanced, and High Performance with a single right click and left click. In Win7, for some reason you can only choose between 2 at any time, Balanced and the last one you used. Well for me, I only ever use High Performance (when I am plugged in), and 95% of the time Power Saver when not. Only exception is when I need more power when on battery but trying to conserve and then generally I am on High Performance anyways.

    So I downloaded Power Plan Assistant and it works great. Except for the fact that you have to redownload it every week because the programmer is rediculous... So being a programmer I made my own. And I want to share this so people aren't roped into redownloading that stupid program every week.

    My program is ugly and it works. It just runs in the tray and loads the power plans from the registry. It should work for any plan with any name/customizations. However for the tray icon to toggle between high/medium/low you need to use the default power scheme names. The details can be whatever, but the names have to include "high performance", "balanced", and "power saver".

    You can download it here. I just made this in the past hour because I finally gave up, so if it doesnt work or has a bug, let me know. I can't seriously be the only one annoyed by this can I?!?!

    You need to have .NET 4.0 installed for it to work.
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