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    Hi All,
    I've just developed this software to aid mainly me when moving between wireless networks on my Laptop. I then decided that it would probably be good to improve it and share it on here for CarPC users who rely on WiFi to get information to their system such as weather etc.

    The app is suited best for Windows XP SP2 and SP3. It loads and seems to function on Windows 7, but my desktop doesn't have a WiFi adapter so I can't try properly.

    Now what the app does...
    It is basically an automated IP profiler for the different wireless networks you may connect to. You would connect to a network as normal, but you don't have to enter correct IP settings here, just security. Then, open up the settings for my app and click 'List' to get a list of profiles, then simply enter the settings for them and save. Once settings are entered, the app takes over from there. It supports detection of multiple adapters, but doesn't profile them correctly yet. A single adapter works fine. It takes around 2 seconds to load and set a profile. It's not finished as it is currently not multi-threaded and is therefore not as speedy as it should be.

    The app has the following features:
    - Silent Mode
    - Sits in the system tray
    - Supports Windows XP and Windows 7 Wireless LAN Configs (I think!)
    - Supports multiple DNS's for an individual profile
    - Uses easy-to-use INI files for manual editing (both prefs and profiles)
    - Supports standby and resume

    Please test and report back if you find problems. I've hopefully covered all bugs so far, but obviously different adapters and different networks may throw spanners in.

    You will need .NET 3.5 (I think). I haven't seen an automated profiler like this before, so please let me know if there is already a decent one out there and i'll stop developing.

    Attached Files
    CarPC Install
    New car: Soon!
    Hardware: Input for testing, no actual CarPC Yet.
    Front-End: 10% Done.