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Android 2.1 x86 Working

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  • Android 2.1 x86 Working

    I have a full running Android 2.1 on x86 with Lilliput 629GL-70NP 7" VGA Touchscreen

    I'll add it to youtube later, i still have to work on some bugs and install into my STI

    FYI > i still may not release full details, i have to talk to a few people first

    My last project.
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    This is exciting news! I had been wondering if Android could be installed on X86. Keep us posted.


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      dude, it wasn't easy. team of 8 so far.

      still working on it tho
      STI Las Vegas


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        All i know of android is what's on my Droid. I have an updated 2.1 rom and it is rooted. I have been really hoping someone would pick it up and hurdle it towards carpc world. I love google navi, and the possibilities one would think are endless. Is android something skinable per say? I am use to a front end with a skin running and windows in the background of course. Android's features are readily accessible from the "desktop". What I am getting at is in a Carp PC environment, would one expect the familiar front end or would we be using it just like our phones? The beauty in it that I see is the Android is open source and encourages development. Now, we not only will be able to tweak our front ends and skins on a pre determined OS, but to tweak the OS ourselves. I would be willing to to setup a test PC strictly for android if you need any help.


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          Just a word of warning to save anyone the trouble:
          Google Navigation on a PC is not legally possible. Google has some pretty strict licensing to give android phones an edge-and use on a pc is strictly against their TOS. Even using their maps for turn by turn navigation is against the rules.

          Android is running on linux just like any of the other front ends run on windows or linux.
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            In other news, all of android's code has been yanked from the mainline Linux Kernel as of the latest version (2.6.33).

            In order to write a driver for hardware to work on Android, you need to properly integrate into this new lock, as well as sometimes the bizarre security model. Oh, and then there's the totally-different framebuffer driver infrastructure as well.
            is that ^^ what makes porting android so hard?
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              This going to take some time, if anyone wanna interested in a "partnership" to split the cost on this and maybe sell as a preloaded system root/lock. we can talk, I'm already busy in my other company i own (E/O Networks, Inc. I just don't have to time right now

              Coders (private), w/ openGL support, plus Patents all will take play.

              PM if your interested for partnership on this project. Looking for real partnership only
              STI Las Vegas