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Getting rid of the windows 7 boot login screen

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  • Getting rid of the windows 7 boot login screen

    I am having trouble getting rid of the windows 7 boot login chooser screen.

    I have a 650 Gig Hard drive which I broke down into 4 partitions. Three of the partitions are set to 32 Gigs. This was so I could load the three OS I wanted and play around with them to see which one I was going to use for my carPC. I loaded Win XP Performance in the first one, windows 7 in the second one an LinuxICE in the third one. I decided that I was not going to use Win7 do to the long boots compared to the other too. So I reformatted the second partition with the intent to delete all of win7 & files. When I reboot I still get the screen if I want to choose win 7 or an older version of windows. I have searched the internet and most sites point to the msconfig command and boot menu which I have tried. The easy way would be to just erase the entire hard drive. I wondering if anyone knew of a different approach so I did not have to start from scratch.

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    it sounds like you're talking about bcdedit. you can either do it by hand from the command line or you can download EasyBCD:
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