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  • crossover with phase

    sorry im being hastey, i am searching for my answer aswell, a few years ago i came across a guy on this forum that said he was using a vst 'crossover' that had phase correction integrated. basically i woudl like to take a look at this plugin. i am currently using elictri-q and it's one of my many cpu whores.

    i just sidegraded from a single core 2.8 ghz amd (oldddd) to a dual core 1.66 atom (has 4 cores? go figure) anyway long story short, cant return, would rather not aswell HOWEVER it cant seem to handle my console asio stuff. console only seems to utilize one core and my current setup tops it out but the other cores are all under 25% so im trying to figure out how to either utilize all the cores orrr find less processor intensive plugins.

    current plugins: (in order or proc usage)
    voxengo gliss eq (transient eq/booster/cutter)
    voxengo pha... (phase control)
    electri-q (crossover/eq)
    voxengo audio delay (delay)
    voxengo span (waveform analyzer)

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    Is AudioMulch the thing you where looking for?


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      hmmm, not quite what i was looking for, but it mite be an alternative to console (which im using now) they sure do want a bunch of money for it though.

      i guess what i need ultimatly is plugins that are less cpu intensive or a vst host that is less intensive.


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        i use free plugins from, and cpu power varies widely(some work great, others don't). so you might need to try some other ones.

        i used to run a single core atom(shows 2 cores in task manager), and did not have any good luck with audio-- it would consistantly go above 30% cpu, and audio skipped horribly.. i don't recommend the atom for audio processing...(good for general computing though)

        i started with console, but have moved to audio mulch, and really like it--overall, it seems to be a little lower cpu usage(though, i switched boards at the same time as the console/AM swap, so can't be completely sure), and is way more configurable. the other bonus is that it comes with a bunch of plugins..
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          I note worthy point about CPU usage and audio.
          With a dedicated soundcard, the audio is mainly processed at the soundcard, and not the main CPU, giving space to other tasks.
          (This is not true with USB sound devices, only for PCI or PCI-E types).

          Can't remember the name, but there's one on this fora with a water cooled computer running two Sonar soundcards... I would think you need to look far to find a better audio (CarPC wise) setup.

          Oh.. Found the thread: