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Winamp Plugin as Windows screensaver

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  • Winamp Plugin as Windows screensaver

    I used to use the Sachs aquarium screensaver in my car and recently had to reformat... the new version wont exit on keypress (all i use are the play / pause / next track / prev track keys on a remote). I was wondering if anyone found a way to get GForce or whatever you are using as your winamp plugin to work as a windows screensaver? I have winamp running 24/7 (winamp 2.91) and having gforce run as a screensaver would rock!

    How possible is this?


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    i did some googling and found that most of the plugins, geiss and gforce, have standalone versions. this will work if i set the recording device in my car as Wave/mp3 in the sound mixer thingy. The only problem is that i use a remote only and i dont want to have to 'waste' buttons on the screensaver. i want it to just turn on after a specified amount of time and turn off on any keypress... like a normal screensaver... the only difference being that it reads sound info to display.

    all thoughts welcomed...