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  • Bluetooth talk-through ...

    I now there is a 100 page thread on this ...
    Blue Soleil works great.
    BluePhoneElite2 works ... need more testing.

    Have contacted Phone Amego (interested but doesn't do talk-through), Dialectic (nice guy but doesn't do talk-through and doesn't want to do a SDK license) and waiting for for BPE2 to return my email.

    What I'm trying to do:
    Basically, centrafuse/roadrunner for mac.

    I know there is OpenMobile. However, no bluetooth at the moment (6-18-2010).

    I have been searching for the past 2 weeks and just really haven't come up with any opensource or usable sdk for OSX.

    So, I was hoping that somebody here could give point me in the right direction.

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    Could somebody give me a heads up on how to work with the BlueSoleil SDK in mono/netbeans ??? I'm a total newb at regular programming

    Note: I have a funny feeling Apple is working on something for bluetooth that will show up in 10.7 ...