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Android app to invert display?

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  • Android app to invert display?

    Does anyone know of a way to invert an android screen 180 deg ie upside down?

    I use a modded touchscreen eee701 as a kiosk in my kitchen and I'm currently using xp with centrafuse but I'm looking to make the leap to x86 android. A major road block right now is I need to be able to invert the android display as I currently do with xp. Been googling high and low but haven't found any solutions. Figured I ask here to see if anyone can point me the right direction. I'm really not interested in physically rotating the eee lcd as that requires a resoldering job and I'm not trying to make this a project just to get android on there.

    Not directly related to CarPc hobby but figured the posted solution could save someone time in the future if they need it.

    Here are some pics
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    On my G1 using hacked firmware, you can go into the "Spare Parts" app and enable sensor rotation for all 4 views. Then when you tilt the phone the screen rotates (including 180).

    For using that approach on your setup, you would have to emulate a motion sensor that was reading 180, then just enable the option. It might be worth asking on XDA.