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[ALAC][M4A] Compatible Front End?

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  • [ALAC][M4A] Compatible Front End?

    I finally hooked up my carputer and stereo and got everything running, but have run into a problem. The whole reason for me even starting this project was my desire to hear lossless audio while driving. I have gone through several front end softwares with absolutely no luck.

    I am looking for a front end that is capable of playing (either by default or with plugins) Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC) .M4A files. All my media is in this format and I would prefer not to have to encode it as FLAC since that would mean I will lose most ID3 tag info.

    If I have to I will stoop to using iTunes as my front end, though that is EXTREMELY undesirable.

    Please help.

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    Riderunner w/VLC (*


    OpenMobile w/CCCP (

    *Configuration Required
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      Can also use Riderunner with the default winamp. You just need to download a winamp plugin. I've been playing my ALAC files this way for years now.
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