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  • My custom touchscreen

    As I have recently been given a laptop from a friend, my PC techiness got the best of me. I have done no installation as of yet, but I've been determined to come up with my own custom touch screen application.
    It's not much too look at, but I never really liked all the big clunky controls I've seen from the other 'frontends'.

    It's mostly done for the audio portion, and I will be adding in some video support within the next week or two. It's slow going, couple hours a week, but I wanted to post a screenshot of it and see what others think. I have included support for adding music paths and then selecting music from folders inside those paths, as well as full cd support including ripping to a selected path of your choice.

    If there are any features that are a 'must include' for a touchscreen, please let me know. I am thinking of audio (done), video, internet radio (done), usb cameras, and gps.

    Here is the audio portion running:
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    the reason most controls are big and clunky is because its very hard to be precise when the car is moving. Obviously its not an issue if your only going to use this at home, but in the car on a 7" screen, it can be very distracting.

    Good progress so far thou
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      yeah this wont work in a car. even if you're at a stop light you're going to have trouble hitting those buttons. best of luck to you !
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