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Ubuntu UDF Support Problem?

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  • Ubuntu UDF Support Problem?

    I can't get Ubuntu to read my UDF file (which I have Win7 on) so I can replace ubuntu w/ it. Any Ubuntu/Linux guys know how to fix this?

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    Not sure if this is the right place to ask such a question hehe.

    Are you trying to install win7 from ubuntu? That's just plain weird...
    Make your selves a Boot DVD or a bootable pendrive installation, and your all sett to go.


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      I've tried, but I can't. It won't allow me to. I don't like Ubuntu (I'm not familiar with it at all, and I don't feel that my vehicle is the best place to get acquainted with it) and want it off my computer. My optical drive is USB, so it won't let me boot it first. It's incredibly frustrating. I've been trying to get this thing done for two days! Is there any type of software I could use that would let Linux read this type of disc? That seems much more simple


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        you can't install win7 from ubuntu or any linux. you need to boot the disk and then install it. There are ways to tell your bios to boot from a usb cd-rom. You may want to check your bios settings. Also, it's a bit tricky but you can get win7 on a live usb stick and boot from that. But something tells me if you can't boot to a usb cdrom, you may not be able to boot from a usb stick either.
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