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I need Win 7 Pro 32 bit disc

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  • I need Win 7 Pro 32 bit disc

    Anyone know where I can get this disc? I bought the 64 bit version, but want to downgrade to the 32 bit version. I don't want to have to buy the 32 bit version and I heard my same 64 bit key would work. anyone have a spare copy laying around they can sell cheap or know of a way I can get one w/o the key? I'm sick of having driver issues.


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    I believe you can request one from Micro$oft.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      From what i'm reading I might not be successful in requesting one from microsoft. I purchase and OEM version, and that's why it was only the 64bit disc. I read that the retail version includes both discs. I just need somebody to make me a copy of the 32 bit version. I really don't want to shell out $299 for the retail version just to get both discs


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        The I bet the cd keys are different. The 32bit/64bits probably have special keys that are able to be used with both versions. If you just buy the 32bit or 64bit version it will probably only work with that 32bit or 64bit version. Example: Windows 7 32bit home premium probably doesn't work with windows 7 64bit home premium.

        edit: btw it isn't 299 bucks... I narrowed the search as best as I could for you:
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          That's what I'm afraid of as well. I was thinking about buying the 32 bit oem version for $140, but I don't want to risk that for several reasons...

          If my 64 bit key doesnt work with it i'm out $140. I can't then turn around and install the 64 bit on my home pc using the key, becuase it will be locked to my car pc seeing how it's OEM and any changed in hardware will screw wthe license up. So i'd then have to jump through hoops to get another key or get mine unlocked from microsoft which I think won't happen. So that's why i'm trying to get ahold of somebody's 32 bit version cheaper than $140 to see if it even works.


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            I guess I could just install xp back on my drive then do a win 7 upgrade cheap would be my next best option price wise, but I don't like upgrades... just seems like a full install would be best. I don't know much about how those work, but when I install a operating system I want to start from scratch. I'm confused about one thing tho, when reading about the win 7 upgrades, i see that I will need to make backup of my files and software first before I upgrade becuase it will wipe everything out making me think it's really a full install?? So confusing...

            Oh and I did find a retail version of pro for $259. Theres the retail upgrade for $175.00, but even those prices are kinda high for what i'm trying to do. Essentially throwing away my 64bit key too


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              The keys are definitely transferrable between 32 and 64 bit, even the OEM ones (I had to do one the other day thanks to Dell selling machines with 4 gig ram and only 32bit OS install lol).

              The only problem is, you cant use the OEM key in a retail copy of Win 7. It has to be an OEM copy.

              You will need to get a hold of the OEM copy of 7 32 bit to install on. Check with a few people and see what you can find, hopefully someone has a copy lying around!

              However, you can transfer the license to another just install and authenticate as per normal. You can do it a few times before it spits it and says you have to call microsoft. Again, I have done that a few times when replacing hardware on work computers.


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                I'm thinking i might just go ahead and buy the oem 32 bit version. That way I have both cds. I'm reading on various forums online stating that this option will work, but i might have to activate my license using the phone method. That's ok if it is the case. Then, I will just use the oem key that comes with the 32 bit to install win 7 on my home pc since I really do like 7 now using it for some time in my truck. My experiences so far have all been good minues the issues with drivers for my network adapter, gps receiver, and bluetooth. Other than that it has always resumed from sleep/hibernate and went straight to my music or sirus radio. So far no issues with lock ups or anything else either. I just wish my bluetooth and gps would work so I have more than just a expensive jukebox with a touchscreen in my truck.

                I may even just run 64bit version on my home pc... so you think i can just trasnfer that key to my home pc and be fine? If that doesnt work and it indeed does get locked up i'll call microsoft and explain when I was installing it on my home pc i used the wrong key accidentally lol...

                But i'm just gonna go ahead and buy the 32 bit version and just go from there. I'll report back later. Hopefully this turns out to be a win-win situation.


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                  Well **** I didn't think they were sorry. I don't know of legal way to get a copy of a windows 7 disk besides a friend or Microsoft though. I have a family pack for windows 7 and on the third machine I installed it on I had to call microsoft and once I talked to someone they gave me the code. There is a legal way to make any computer be able to use an upgrade version of windows 7 if needed.
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                    Fixed my gps issue with gpsgate...Been working flawlessly for a few days now. Funny becuase i found out about GPSgate after i ordered Windows 7 32 bit. The only problem I have is with my bluetooth and CF3.1. Bluetooth not found when I try to access the phone settings. Windows 7 sees the bluetooth but will not find my phone when I search for devies... just keeps searching. My phone won't see my truck either. Sucks becuase this worked first time around with CF2 running on Win XP


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                      My main desktop running windows 7 64bit doesn't like my cellphone either when connecting it via bluetooth, but on my windows 7 32bit I don't have any problems. I haven't playd with it much though. Did you try downloading the drivers for your phone?

                      edit: oh wait it wouldn't matter if you had the drivers or not because it won't even detect it. Do you have your phones bluetooth on and your phone set to were it is visible or your bluetooth device on your desktop set were it is visible?
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                        Yeah both are check marked to show up and be visible. I did in with CF2 and XP. I'm hoping the 32 bit will fix the problem. Shame this is the only peripheral device not working with my setup. After getting the GPS to work, i'd like to keep the 64 bit version, but w/e i'm sure it'll run just as good as 32 bit. I got my phone to connect to my girlfriends car too. She has a Clarion touchscreen with bluetooth and it works fine. Not like I need all that processing power and ram in my car pc since all I ever do is run CF3.1

                        So are you running 32 bit in your vehicle and 64 in your house?


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                          I almost wonder if I bought a 64 bit specific bluetooth dongle that's on microsofts site as guarenteed to work. The one I had that worked with xp wasnt even recognizable in windows 7, then I spen $30 on a win 7 compatible dongle, but didnt think to make sure it had 64 bit drivers. It's not on the approved list. That's what I get for jumping the gun, like i always do though haha


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                            Ok so my windows 7 32 bit arrived today, and i also solved my bluetooth issue by installing bluesoelil and activating it with my bluetooth key from centrafuse. Voila! I can get into the phone settings, pair my phone, and make and recieve calls now. All i have left is to install my Andrea noise cancelling microphone and I should be all set!! Funny how i fix all this just as I paid $140 for another windows.... i'll just install that on my home pc...


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                              congrats. Sucks that you paid for another windows 7, but at least you can use it as you said.
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