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Windows 95 Problems

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  • Windows 95 Problems

    I am trying to run windows 95 but am running into problems because i have a USB LCD and windows 95 wont recognize my usb ports. How have other people utilized USB LCD's and windows 95 or have you guys all used Serial LCD's ???

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    hmmm, they probably have 98se installed

    have you tried google'in it?

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      Sounds like either;

      1) You dont have the drivers for the USB root hub installed, or
      2) You running Win95 version A, which doesnt support USB. You want Windows 95 version B with USB support.
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        may i ask why youre using windows 95?
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          i think there is some kind of service pack to allow 95a to use usb
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            I have read that about a lot of people using pentium 166 and windows 95 because the boot times were very fast, since i am using the same type maching i decided to go with 95 but i think i am going to go 98 because i cant get this problem resolved


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              I myself decided to google it and basically the answer I found was to either write your own drivers (heh, yeah right) or to upgrade to Windows 98. Even if you do somehow upgrade to Windows 95b or c, they still do a bad job of utilizing your usb port. My personal suggestion would be to install windows 98 and simply make it 98 lite.
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