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  • GalaxyFE

    I've been reworking my original ideas on a touchscreen application. Mostly being done as a hobby/challenge, and also to say, "yep, I programmed that". Anyways, consider this a pre-alpha/alpha stage at this point.

    The main feature I wanted to do, at least for myself, is create some type of 'evolving' for the file system. Upon first use of the audio portion, the app will scan every folder it can find for audio files. From there, for each folder you have the option of excluding it (you can always un-exclude as well). If a folder is excluded it will be skipped next time you re-search or next time the app shuts down and starts up again. On an old 1.4ghz 1MB ram xp home laptop in the car, the search through 20,000 folders only lasted 10 or so seconds.
    I never cared for the supply one folder path in a settings file you have to config from the desktop in other apps.

    Audio is mostly done...
    *Individual song play and adding to playlists are done.
    *Visualizations started, only 1 added so far.
    *Volume control started, working.
    *Pause/resume play done.

    Video started...
    *Video file play started, working. Stops music control completely, insteads of suspends it for time being.

    *Skins - All graphics/buttons/etc are placeholders at the moment. Buttons can be changed, but that is all the effort so far.
    *Settings coming along faster than expected.
    ** WiFi settings almost complete (I update to car through local LAN, so this will be great instead of transferring through USB to test something).
    ** File system exclusions listed here, 1/2 done. Spawns lists of excluded folders, haven't programmed un-excluding them yet.

    *Better playlist support (clearing/saving/deleting)
    *Add mp3 tag info support (easy, but a lot files I tested with return errors/no info on tags).
    *Find better graphics, at least I have placeholders though.
    *Find better fonts/colors, placeholders still in though.
    *Add album art support
    *Add equalizer and expand (test with 3 bands worked at a glance, although not properly added)
    *Start CD/DVD support.

    ToDo (Not even close yet)...
    *GPS (Never worked with these yet)
    *Cameras (Should be easy)

    The only thing I am worried about is plugins. I've never attempted anything big as I'm just a hobby/fun programmer. I do not know how to code plugins or plugin functionality and a lot of people love to be able to use plugins (add what they really need/want on their own). I think this is my biggest downfall.

    Anyways, some comments/feedback/criticism/anything are appreciated. Is there no room for another frontend, as we already have a really good selection to choose from?

    Some audio controls/visualizations

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    Looks good, like the idea!

    I like a busy screen and there was one done years ago for a VW, just a shame no one has re-engineered it, i wish i could but i'm crap with things like this

    Found it,

    This is my favourite skin for RR period!

    If someone can update it, like i said i have no idea how to skin or even change the icons
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      I'm not really trying for a busy screen. The buttons on the side/top of the visualization are always visible/usable so far. I consider those the main features, features you might not want to navigate through menus to get to.

      I've also never tried skinning, as I am horrible with graphics.

      As an update, I reworked the 'learning' feature of finding audio/video files. One a folder containing an audio or video file is found, you have the option of excluding it (remember, you can always un-exclude them). Even if the program is closed and re-opened, it remembers all the found, non excluded folders and instantly loads those. No more searching every time. If you transferred new folders containing music/video files, then you can re-search. I found this saves a lot of time on startup (I don't have a standby/hibernate setup yet).

      I also tested the equalizer more, and opted for up and down arrows to move +/- a decibel each time. This allowed more control than trying to slide a bar up/down while driving. I came to a decision of having 7 total bands for the equalizer but will put off finishing that for the time being.

      I also spent a bit of time trying to work on resizing or resolution changes. Figuring I was placing everything to fit for an 800 x 480 7in screen I have, I didn't think about this in the beginning. After a while, I decided to put this on hold as well for the time being.
      Current Worklog: TBA - '05 Rav4 (Mobo Dead). - Forums for Rav4 owners - Cooking website/forums
      -Basic forums live atm, come contribute!