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    I just skimmed through the descrption. Download Serel and the SECOND time you boot after installation, it boots faster.

    I think it's linux only. Cant stay, gotta goto work.
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    From their website:
    serel adds synchronisation and integrity-checking to the operating system "service startup" phase, allowing a computer's services to start in parallel. Without parallelism, "service startup" is typically the most time-consuming part of the boot process.
    This sure looks promising to speed up booting. But a carputer does't need all (if not any) of the standard services like, httpd, ftpd, mail server, etc, etc. So in my opninion it's better to disable (or beter even: don't install) these unneeded services.

    Currently my system (specs below) takes 25 secs to boot after the BIOS is done. I'm trying to speed it up. When I have optimized it I can let you know how, if you like.

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