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MercuryX: New Album Based Media Interface

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  • MercuryX: New Album Based Media Interface

    Mercury Preview

    UPDATED Requirements:
    Display Resoutions @ 640x480x32 Bit
    DirectX: 8.1a (Not sure if this works with versions > 8)
    Ram: 128 MB
    CPU: 500 Mhz
    HD: ~20 MB

    Current Features:
    TouchScreen Based
    Winamp 2.91 Frontend
    Database Managed Music
    Album Based music selection + CD Cover Support
    Spectrum Analyzer Vis.
    Written in Visual C++/DirectX. No more slow BitBlt'ing

    Things that are working but not in this preview:
    Video/Movie Player/Video Browser - Still need to work out some bugs with this one.

    Planned Additions:
    Griffin Powermate support for optional control
    Embedded CoPilot GPS for Navigation
    Camera Support
    FM Radio Support
    A decent OnScreen Keyboard!
    Support for NonTouch/VGA LCD/TFTs
    Cleaning the code up to OpenSource it.

    Things I would like to do, but need some help:

    IRMan Support: I know alot of people have these things, however I do not. So if someone can tell me how these work, I can code some stuff in for it.

    OGG Support: Is this is big deal to many people?

    Anything else that would be nice! Just ask.


    Player Interface:

    Album Browser:

    Music Screen:

    Backgrounds courtesy of Mitokondria. And the Arby's Button's on the Player.

    Hopefully I can get the Preview out Tommorow, or maybe Monday.


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    hurry up, we're waiting
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    My next generation Front End is right on schedule.
    It will be done sometime in the next generation.
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      something like this is exactly what ive been looking for, even for my home PC
      you can do something like it with naming the album cover to folder.jpg and then doing a view->thumbnail but its just not the same
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        I definately have both in mind. There really is not much out there. So far all I have seen is MCE by Microsoft, and MyHTPC(Which is shaping up quite well). However I definately have the car functionality on my mind first.

        On a side note:
        I am Fixing a couple of little bugs now, only a few more small ones to fix so that it should work on everyone elses setups.



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          OK, The Preview is finished up. If you have any questions or problems please let me know!. Couple of things with this release:

          Open the "mercuryx.ini" file in the directory where you unrar the Mercury files to. Change the line: "MusicLocation="C:\My Albums\" to where your music files are. If they are in "C:\Bob's Music\" change the line to: "MusicLocation="C:\Bob's Music\".
          And if you want to resync the DB, change the line: "synced=1" to "synced=0". Anything else just let me know.

          Things I need feedback on:

          1. Everyone stores/sorts and tags there mp3's differently. For my files it works great, but yours might be different. Please let me know what bugs, or problems you encounter with the album browser/database stuff.

          2. Also, let me know if anything is running slow, locking up, or doing anything strange like that.

          3. Please understand the difference between Albums, and things that should be in a playlist. Right now, the program has features implemented to make playing/navigating *Albums* very easy. A folder with a bunch of random songs should be handled differently. So please wait until the actual release for this. However please feel free to throw any random directories at the database syncing part of the program. i.e. give it directories with lots of subdirs/etc or something that could cause problems!

          4. ANY advice or help with the graphics is very appreciated. I can code decently, but Photoshot usually gets the best of me

          Things that I know do not work:
          1. You cannot adjust volume from the Album Browser, or Music Home Screen. Only the player interface.
          2. Visualization is kind of squirrely. I need to play with this some.


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            Musicmatch Jukebox Has That built in......
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              Mongrat: Has what built in?


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                The album cover art feature.

                Ive been doing all my mp3s up with the album art, but since I didnt do it as I ripped them, super tagging is taking me forever to correct any mistakes. I have like 350 CDs to go through lol.

                just a nation of two hundred million used car salesmen with all the money we need to buy guns and no qualms about killing anybody else in the world who tries to make us uncomfortable.

                Hunter s. Thompson


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                  Yes, I used MusicMatch to rip all of mine. This is also what I used to get my Album Art. And I was wondering, what all does the Super Tagging let you do in MusicMatch?


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                    Hrm I got an error for you

                    I downloaded the preview and changed the location in the ini but now when I start the program I get this error:

                    DirectX error:
                    Failed to Create Direct3D Device!

                    and the program crashes....

                    My system specs
                    Intel Celeron 1.0 GHZ
                    ATI 7000 PCI 64 MB GFX card
                    Direct X 9
                    Sound Blaster Live 5.1
                    321 MB SDRAM
                    Windows 2000 PRO

                    I would think it would be the DX9 but im the the coder....


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                      Interesting. I must say that I have only tried it so far with DirectX 8.1a. This is the SDK that I am using, and teh Runtime version that I have tested it with. I will try to run it on a machine here with DirectX9 and see what happens. I would assume that DirectX 9 should be compatible with versions before it, but that is that only thing that I could think would cause that error. Is there anyway you can try it on your machine with a version of DirectX 8.1?

                      Thanks for trying it out... and let me know what you find.



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                        same error with Direct X 8.1 on my other windows 2000 box...

                        Starting to think its the OS....


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                          After doing some testing, you can also get the error if you are not running 32-bit color. I forgot to put this in the requirements. I get the error if I am running 16-bit or lower. Try this with DX 8.1 and 9.



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                            It works now in DX9 but very slow load...

                            Also works on DX8.1


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                              This is because the first time you run the program, it syncs the database. This is where is runs through the MusicLocation that you specified, reads in the ID3 tags, then Inserts it into the database. The next time you load the app, it should be an average load time...

                              Let me know,