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palmamp2 and winamp2.9

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  • palmamp2 and winamp2.9

    Ok i just got rid of winamp3 for being too buggy, and it looks like i'm not the first.

    I'm using PalmAmp2 to control winamp. And after a few days using my palm III, i don't know how i managed to use winamp before. It's so simple. You can set the plugin to start everytime you start winamp. Palm amp controls the playlists. I usually never use the winamp playlists, but now i'm used to it. I also learn to write left handed cuz i got the palm on my left and the mouse on the right.

    Anyways palmamp2 doesn't seem to have any bugs except for the panning bar (it's always to left and i think it's only activated in the registered. ut you still hear ful stereo). You can't register the software because droppped the project due to legal issues.

    This is the best winamp controller. The Palm III was under $50 and has a bright backlight
    Falcon cr53 w/ via epia m10000. Nokia 3650 blutooth phone.
    Better than winamp. Click here for qcd player.