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BMW IBUS + Windows Media Center or Player

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  • BMW IBUS + Windows Media Center or Player

    I have a project I want to do, and I'm not sure how to go about it. I have done a bunch of searching, and I'm starting to confuse myself more and more now, so I'm just gonna make a thread here, hopefully someone can help me out.

    First, what I am working with:
    -e39 5 series with an MKIV widescreen nav system.
    -A net-top pc
    -an IBUS to USB converter

    First, my goal:
    I want to be able to play zune DRM music through my car, which means I am limited to using Zune software, Windows media player, or windows media center (from what I can tell). I do not want to replace all the functions of the nav, and want it more or less to look stock.

    I know this limits me a lot in what I can do, but I would be happy with a menu that lets me select a playlist, as well as buttons for play/pause, forward, back, and shuffle. It would also be nice to display the current song.

    It seems these menu's and what not shouldn't be too difficult to display by sending IBUS signals, but, what I do not know how to do is get the info from media center (which seems the most promising of the 3 software's I can use)

    Is there a way I can control media center through another piece of software running on the sa3me computer. What I want is a piece of software that can see what playlist media center has, and send those names to the nav screen menu. I only have a few playlists, so i don't need to worry about scrolling on the nav screen. Then, it needs select one based on a keyboard shortcut, and media center should start playing it. Then forward back etc are simple button presses.

    I'm not asking someone to do this for me, just guide me in a direction, maybe tell me what commands can be used to control media center if I were to make a C program, or if this is even possible.


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    IBUS USB Interface

    For your question about IBUS USB interface, you can check