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  • Windows Longhorn 4015

    Anyone try this ALPHA for the next windows? I'm not gonna get in depth with it, cuz there's many sites out there with extensive reviews. Longhorn is very CPU friendly. I don't know how it could be, but it never chows down on my intel. It's like they built Talisman directly into windows. Out of every OS and linux distro, Longhorn has the most eyecandy. Installation took less than 20min on my Intel2.4g. And the buggy goober boots faster than 2000 or XP.

    The only reason keeping me from using it in my car is that even though the taskbar is a copycat of KDE3.1, the windows media player shortcut on it doesn't work. The OS also has to be shutdown after extensive use due to a few bugs. If you start to experiment and fiddle too deeply with longhorn it will eventually crash.

    But hey it's an alpha, and a pretty good one at that
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    I never bother with betas, nevertheless Alphas.

    If its so good as you say, cant wait to see the final product.

    I have heard nothing but good things from this OS, unlike XP when it was first launched. We'll see.
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      hmmm if its as cpu friendly as its supposed to be i will keep my eye out for it and toy with it

      prolly by the time it makes it to retail ms with have dinked with it so much it will be hugely bloated but who knows miracles can ahppen lol
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