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boot vis for windows 7

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  • boot vis for windows 7

    when i set up my laptop windows 7 was fairly new and it was easier for a number off resions to install xp
    i think windows 7 is now a good choice for a car pc and should be easier to use with the touch screen.
    however my current pc is running a solid state and boots in 16 seconds.
    my home win 7 is also running an ssd but takes alot longer to boot despite being much more powerfull!

    the thing that made a big difference to the boot time off the xp pc is a program called boot vis
    its a brilliant little Microsoft program that im sure a lot off you are familiar with
    dose anyone know how to do the same thing in windows 7?
    any programs that are similar?
    or a list off services i can disable?
    or maybe a program like nlite? that can make a windows 7 "lite" . iso?

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    Download the Performance toolkit and it can test for all kind of speed issues.


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      well its not really a speed issue as such. i want to speed up the pcs boot time. will this optamize the boot drive and run start up traces


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        Want FAST boot time...try Windows 8!
        8 seconds to desktop on a netbook!!!