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    For those who don't want to read my ramblings!!! Basically I'm looking for a way to adjust the EQ from 2010.

    I built an arduino based board that monitors steering wheel controls, vehicle speed, a switch that changes when I open the roof on my convertible and various other inputs for startup/shutdown control. On my stock radio, when the roof on the car is opened it triggers "Audio Pilot" which adjusts the EQ and also attempts to enhance frequencies by way of a microphone that listens for ambient noise. It actually works fairly well but that is beside the point. Since I will be pulling the head unit out, I will be loosing this functionality and was thinking that I would make a similar function by controlling EQ when the roof opens.

    I have my speed controlled volume and all other functions working in VB but am having a hard time finding a good way to control EQ from VB. To make things more difficult I haven't decided on the front end yet. In my last car pc about 5 years ago I used Road Runner. I am not against Ride Runner but am also considering FreeIce depending on how long it takes to release v2 and Centrafuse as my last option.

    I have figured out how to control winamp's eq using the 1-0 and q-p hotkeys or with a plugin I can get a global hotkey that will listen even if not in focus. I can set them to whatever I want. In testing I have set them to control+1 andn control+q as well as simply 1 and q. I am able to move individual frequencies this way but REALLY was hoping to just be able to set a preset for roof open and one for roof closed and switch between the two depending on the roof's state.

    Anybody have any suggestions on how to get there from here? I'm not a developer really, I'm a system engineer with a few VB6 classes. I'm working through learning .net at the same time as this

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    Come on, Nobody has any ideas?


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      Your best bet may be to use an external library like FMOD or Bass. You're not going to get much low level control with a .NET language other than with pinvoke calls, and I'm not sure that winapi allows that kind of control.
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        Thank you! Unfortunately that was what I was afraid of but you have pointed me in a good direction and confirmed what I feared. I guess now I will have to poke around with Bass and FMOD. They both look pretty intense on the surface. They would certainly be ideal if I were to write my own front end but I REALLY don't want to go down that path.

        Anybody have experience with either of these and have good starting tips?