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Gear change indicator, OBD2 app for Android

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  • Gear change indicator, OBD2 app for Android

    Hey, I just want to ask for some help testing my app. I started it one year ago as my BSc final year project but I didn't publish it till now.

    Basically, this app helps you save fuel by indicating when to shift gear and also displays real data such as revs, speed, throttle... You need an ELM327 Bluetooth adapter to use it.
    I could only try it with 4 different cars and I always used the same OBD adapter so, though it should works fine with any diesel or gas car, I'm sure there are bugs. Therefore, if you've got an OBD adapter and an Android 2.2+ device It'd be great if you can try it and give me some feedback.

    Get it on Google Play for free (no ads):

    You'll have to add some technical data about your car before starting, if you need help with this check out

    Many thanks!

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    Hello again,

    New version (beta 0.2) out today!

    What's new?:
    • Notification while app is reading data from the car ECU.
    • Wake lock bright to keep the same level of brightness while the app is connected to the ECU.
    • More flexible RPM range when setting up a car profile.
    • For those cars that donít have a throttle sensor: fixed bug that makes app crash after connecting to ECU. Now the app wonít crash but obviously the throttle bar doesnít work.
    • Minimum speed of 10 km/h to go first gear.
    • Other minor bugs fixed and better performance.

    Free on Google Play. Enjoy it!


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      I'm not sure if someone from this forum found this app useful but just in case. I recently published EcoShifter Pro with a lot of new features and improvements:

      * Completely redesigned UI (cleaner, nicer and easier).
      * Android 4.x-friendly app but still compatible with Android 2 and 3.
      * Support tablets, 7 and 10 inch.
      * Acceleration/deceleration indicator with arrows
      * Full screen mode when connected.
      * More stable and accurate

      Check it out and maybe give it a go.