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  • Software project listing

    Please list your software projects here. the format should be as follows:

    Project name:

    Latest version: (please include date released)

    OS Supported:

    Project Type: (Freeware|payfor|open source)

    Supported functions: (mp3, ogg, dvd, video, gps, etc..)

    Input type: (keyboard, remote (or specific remote), voice, touch screen)

    Other features:

    Link to website & or project thread on forum

    Hopefully this will help everyone who has a hard time keeping track of all these wonderful projects! (me!)

    If you need to upate, please edit your post instead of making a new thread.

    this thread is NOT to discuss projects it is merely a listing.

    All posts that do not belong here will be deleted.

    If you would like a discussion please start a thread for your software.

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    Project name: APX

    Latest version: BETA 0.95 (beta available this afternoon EST - June 12th / 03)

    OS Supported: Win 98/NT/ME/2000/XP (95???)

    Project Type: Freeware

    Supported functions: mp3, ogg, dvd, cd (whatever the underlying Media Player supports)

    Input type: touch screen for beta 0.95

    Other features: GUI sits on top of other media players; current support includes Winamp 2.05+ and Windows Media Player 9. DVD Playback included! See details at the web site below ...


    All information can be found at:


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      Project name: ALCAS (A Linux Car Audio System)

      Latest version: 0.0.20 released 13 May 2003

      OS Supported: Linux 2.4.17 and newer. Older kernels might also work.

      Project Type: Open source (GPL)

      Supported functions: mp3 & FM tuner

      Input type: remote (any LIRC supported remote)

      Output type: HD4470 20x4 LCD screen on parallel port

      Other features: Designed for use on systems with limited resources. Uses mpg123, lirc and lcdmod

      Link to website & or project thread on forum:

      Screenshots: Look for them on the website.
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        Project name: MP3Corsa

        Latest version: 0.1 (I don't really do the version thing, there's currently only me that uses it afaik)

        OS Supported: DOS

        Project Type: Open Source (based on DOS port of mpg123)

        Supported functions: mp3

        Input type: Parallel port 3 button keypad, Remote control

        Output type: Parallel port 4 bit 44780 display (4x20 VFD)

        Other features: Very fast load (precompiled binary play list with id3 info), 2 song buffering so HD can shut down.

        Link to website & or project thread on forum:

        screenshot : See website for photo of display
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          4am Music Console

          Project name: 4am Music Console

          Latest version: 1.6 (released 21/12/2003)
          OS Supported: Windows 9x, 2000, ME, XP

          Project Type: Freeware

          Supported functions: Audio (can use Winamp for playback or an embedded Windows Media Player 9 Engine)

          Input type: keyboard, mouse, remote (Girder exported group available on the Gider website), touch screen

          Other features:
          • Excellent for music playback and browing with HTPC's and Carputers (here is one persons car setup with 4am Music Console).
          • Can be used with the embedded player (Windows Media 9), or with full control of Winamp 2.X (Winamp will run in the background, allows you to support certain other file types).
          • skin support (find other skins here, there is a 640x480 skin called Clarkey that is perfect for the smaller LCD's)
          • NOTE to use the program you MUST have Windows Media Player 9

          Link to website & or project thread on forum: Please visit the website for more detailed information.

          screenshot (click to enlarge):

          Thanks, and I apologize to the moderators if this post is out of place (I wasn't quite sure if I was supposed to start a new thread or not).
          Overnight Technologies


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            Project name: iMobient (Interactive MOBIle ENTertainment)

            Latest version: 0.5 (no public release yet)

            OS Supported: Win32

            Project Type: Freeware (may eventually be opensourced)

            Supported functions: audio (bass library), video (wmp engine)

            Input type: touchscreen (and maybe IR)

            Other features: Highly skinnable (not quite implemented yet), let's you watch video on screens other than the console (via "theatre mode", or that's what it's called on ATI anyway), output's video sound to separate soundcard if preferable.

            Website soon to be up on
            Currently missing ATX DCDC power & LCD stuff =)


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              Project name: FrodoPlayer

              Latest version: 1.0.8
              OS Supported: XP,2k/9x in testing
              Project Type: Freeware
              Supported functions: (music,video,dvd, external apps,...)
              Input type: (touch screen, mouse, others to come later)
              Other features:
              Goal is to be a simple interface, emphasis on ease of use.
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                Project name: Lumina.mp3

                Latest version: 1.5, going towards 2.0, no public release

                OS Supported:Linux (Redhat 7.0)

                Project Type: Closed at the moment, but probably open source

                Supported functions: mp3, radio

                Input type: remote on parallel port

                Other features: parallel display, a true mp3 player, built on a small budget.

                Link to website & or project thread on forum




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                  Project name: Media Cruiser

                  Latest version: V0.01

                  OS Supported: Windows... Tested under XP,ME,2k

                  Project Type: Freeware, Open source on demand (delphi)

                  Supported functions: mp3, video, gps

                  Input type: keyboard, remote (winlirc will be added), touch screen

                  Other features:

                  Full skinnable...

                  Link to website & or project thread on forum:


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                    aiPC [Automotive Infotainment PC]

                    Project name: aiPC (Automotive Infotainment PC)

                    Latest version: 1.01

                    OS Supported: Windows (all flavours -- as long as you have Media Player 9)

                    Project Type: Freeware with copyleft DSL. Source available for non profit editing as long as new source is sent back to me to improve the aiPC.

                    Supported functions: (mp3, video, gps, radio, games, automotive control)

                    Input type: (keyboard, voice, touch screen)

                    Other features:When it reaches full release status, aiPC should be able to communicate fully via voice. Navigation, Music, Videos, etc will be voice controlled and aiPC will be fully interactive (remember autoPC by clarion -- Now JoyRide system)

                    Link to website & or project thread on forum
                    Link to aiPC website


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                      Project name: AMaNDA (Automotive Media & Navigational Digital Assistant)

                      Latest version: 1.0

                      OS Supported: Windows 2000 & Windows XP

                      Project Type: commerical

                      Supported functions: mp3, dvd, video, gps, camera, cellphone, etc..

                      Input type: keyboard, voice, touch screen

                      Other features: Animated and Speaking Assistant. Unique to each user. Screen brightness control.

                      Link to website & or project thread on forum


                      Video (note: require Divx 5.05 to view)
                      Attached Files


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                        Project name: Media-Z
                        Latest version: 0.5alpha (10-7-2003)
                        OS Supported: Linux
                        Project Type: Open source under GNU/GPL
                        Supported functions: mp3/wav/ogg
                        Input type: keyboard, mouse, touchpad
                        Other features: This is just a pre-release. Its not fully ready for in-car use yet.


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                          i added the sites w/ working links to the software page



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                            Project name: navsys

                            Latest version: 0.0.9 (2003-04-15)

                            OS Supported: Linux

                            Project Type: open source

                            Supported functions: ogg / gps

                            Input type: touch screen

                            Other features: features the non patented Make-Your-Own-Map technology


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                              Project name: MEDIA CAR

                              Latest version: V1.8.2

                              OS Supported: All windows OS

                              Project Type: Freeware but closed sources for the moment

                              Supported functions: All Audio media, all video media (but SVCD only with the Elcard MPEG decoder codecs), Radio (Dlink usb receiver), Mixer, GPS (Mappoint embedded or external software), Launch external app (Run embedded in Mediacar if possible), LCD Char 4x20 on parallel port

                              Input type: Keyboard, touch screen, mouse, Remote (with girder and keyboard shortcut)

                              Other features: Fully skinable and resizable

                              Link to website & or project thread on forum:
                              Software section of :
                              (Web site only in French for the moment but the images are universal and the translator of google is a good friend )
                              Forum thread :

                              More screen shots on my Web site
                              The first Belgian PC fully integrated in a car :)