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3 mirrored stereo pairs from my 5.1 sound card with winamp?

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  • 3 mirrored stereo pairs from my 5.1 sound card with winamp?

    I have an Intel D945GCLF2 with built in 5.1 audio. I am going to be using winamp 2.95 for my audio player and have been trying to get the 5.1 outs to function as 3 stereo pairs to drive one four channel amp and one stereo/mono (idk yet, but not really relevant either) sub amp when playing 2 channel content from winamp. Also, I am running XP. I haven't been able to find the information I need.... can anyone help me with this? Thanks!

    btw, sorry if this is not in the best sub-forum, I just figured it would be a software thing.
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    Havnt really played with this yet but pretty sure you can do it via the codec filters ..
    If you have cccp or K-lite full (only ones Ive used)
    You can configure the FFDshow audio filter and how it outputs to your sound card. Pretty sure there is a winamp2 section in the mixer settings as well
    but as I said havnt looked into it so not 100% sure it will do what you want...only other way is setup the sound to output to 2.1 an split the left right with a Y cable


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      I'll look into these. And I don't want to use splitters. Avoiding splitters is why I'm going with a carputer over a much simpler, "no-headunit + iPod with passive volume controls and splitters to the amps" system. Thanks for the suggestion though!