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Software for multiple cameras?

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  • Software for multiple cameras?


    I am planning a carpc install in my car, and the hardware is not planned yet.
    My parking spot is a bit tight, and I want more views around my car. My plan (shown in yellow) is to install one rear-view camera on the back, and two cams underneath the sidemirrors pointing backwards. I think this will be helpful to keep the car as straight and close to the markers as possible. In the future I also may mount 2 cams more on the mirrors pointing forward (shown in orange). This would maybe be helpful when entering the tight entry to the garage while turning the car.
    I think it will be nice to have the 3 rearview cams active in reverse, and the 2 frontview ones activated manually maybe.

    Has anyone of you seen software capable for this task?

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    no software for your exact setup, as I plan to run 8 cameras all together kinda like the 750i and its mostly hardware that controls the cameras although now that I think about it one of these fusion brains should do the trick with the software they provide now to split the screen so that you see multiple cameras at once you will need a multiplexer. cameras goes in to multiplexer then out to vga.


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      I'm wondering if any program like those we use for multicam surveillance can do the trick
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        Hmm, that may be a possible solution.

        Any ideas for free soft for this? I don't think I will need recording features...


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          the DFX 5 skin for RR utilizes multiple instances of minicam, you need to have a strong processor however.

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