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XP or Win8 on my Atom

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  • XP or Win8 on my Atom

    Trying to decide if I should make the move from Windows XP to Windows 8 (Which I hate, but I can just set a front-end for the shell to ditch Metro).

    Performance wise, what's going to be better on my little Atom based system? Here's the mainboard I'm using:


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    Been running Win8 for a while on a 1.6ghz Atom. The weak link in many Atom boards (yours included) is the 945 graphics chipset. It sucks, end of story. That said, Win8 is reasonably quick and smooth and quite usable. Honestly though, I'm not sure you'll see any real advantage from making the switch. Overall system speed (HD, RAM, Network) isn't really going to change with Win8, and boot times are determined nearly as much by HD speed as by the OS. It will probably boot a bit faster than stock XP or Win7, but if you're using sleep modes, the difference may not be very noticeable. What I like about 8 is that it handles new hardware really well. Much better than Win7 did at this stage of release.

    There are a couple of other threads arguing the pros and cons of the OS in general, but on your particular hardware, I'd call it a coin toss.



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      You can try both, and then choose the one it's better for you, but trust me an ssd drive could make the difference

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        I have windows 8 on my atom. Acer aspire one. Works great. Wish I had a touchscreen to go with it. It runs fine though with 2gb ram and 128gb sad. Boots in seconds.

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          Thanks guys. I think I'll just stick with XP on there.

          I have a WD CompactFlash drive as a hard drive and the performance isn't too bad. (There's no space in my case for a SATA SSD)