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Remote Wake CarPC?

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  • Remote Wake CarPC?

    I was wandering. is there a way , to start a pc remotely in the car?
    i'm corrently doing so, by using the car alarm aux outpout, but its limited to the 1 mile or so (max for car alarms)
    Wake on Lan would work well, but only problem is you dont have an internet connection in the car >_>
    I was thinking , if a broadband modem would work, but then again, this has to have the computer running, to be connected...
    sending a message to a pager and then having it control some relays??? i'm talking about any scenario...

    The reason i want to do it, is becouse, if you can remote start your pc from distance, you could do many thinks, like ,
    1) if the car alarm pager sends you a message, you could open the pc, and via a i.p camera, see if there is an actual thread
    2)Remote start the car ofc.
    3)have the computer do a sequance of tasks, when woken that way (again to protect from thiefs)
    and whatever some one could think!

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    Google will be your best bet..there are a few mobile phone solutions which allow you to control device's via txt message ect


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      This is not a software hack, as much as a hardware one. It depends on how much money you had and your experience with coding. If you can;t afford the prefabbed solution, you need to go the embedded route.

      Easiest for the new programmers, if you have an arduino, and a sim card shield, and a relay, you can easily do a remote start by sending a text message. you can also use an old smart phone if you know android or WM or ios programming and tap into the serial connection for the switch (sending a 2 second HIGH pulse on the TX line, which i think can be achieved by just turning serial on).
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