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  • smart cound card control software

    Hi all

    is there any software out there that can "split" or provide control to what sounds are played by onboard sound / speaker and what is played by proper sound card output ?

    what I am finding is all sounds are channeled out via the main sound card as seen in control panel - be it usb sound card or onboard sound
    I would like to be able to choose (maybe radio button yes / no ) where what sound is handled - output from media player via sound card = yes cause thats tied to my amps and then maybe incoming phone call ring is handled by usb - or at least the flexibility to control this
    os is windows 7 but i am sure all versions of windows have this "challenge"

    any help or links will be appreciated
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    The OpenMobile frontend support this. It can send MP3 to soundcard A while listening to radio on soundcard B.

    It is set up so that a user can configure different "Zones" were a zone consists of a screen and a soundcard.
    You can see some info on how it's set up here:
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