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    Some of you are already aware the current qwerty keyboard layout is the result of minimizing jamming on typewriters. Others claim it was so the word "TYPEWRITER" can be typed out from a single row of keys to impress weirdos.
    The only reason this qwerty design keeps on replicating itself is because of training. Old habits die hard.

    Click image for larger version

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    Even on Droid/iOS tablets, the keyboard is a strain to use, hitting wrong keys is a must. It sucks. Steve Jobs should have done better here.
    I have decided to remove the traditional on-board keyboard in replacement for a more modern design, with fast typing speeds, rather than bringing in a design from the 1800's.

    Dasher is one of those solutions which I'll be playing around with, but does anyone else have any other suggestions?
    This is a demo of dasher at Googleplex.