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DxDvrCapture - survival capturing from USB devices

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  • DxDvrCapture - survival capturing from USB devices

    Hi all.

    After buying a Logitech C920 i thought about direct capturing a H264 stream. The best of existing software for this functionality was the MiniCam. But I got couple of bugs and imperfections in functionality. So I have decided to create my own software for affecting all my needs.

    After 3 month of digging in dll's I found DirectShowNet. I created a program engine based on this library.

    Program works silent and fast as Windows Service or Console application. This program was created for using my C920 by it works with other USB devices great, you only have to create proper configuration.
    Program features.

    DxDvrCapture can record video\audio stream from USB UVC devices. You can setup a program to record from many devices at the same time. Program runs as Windows Service on automatic\manual manner or Console application. It writes video files on disk by configured duration in loop, overwrites old files when configured total size of all recording is reached.

    Programs is based on DirectShow.Net library.

    Hope, it will be helpful. Post your questions\troubles here, I will try to help.

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