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tivo-like software for car

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  • tivo-like software for car

    I've had a tivo in my apartment since they came out. I now find myself wanting to instant replay everything; when i watch a dvd, or even listen to the radio.
    Its too bad there isnt tivo for your car.
    I know there is software to do it on your computer.

    What I'm getting at, does anyone know a way to get this to work in your car. so you can listen to previously heard songs while the commercials are on, or if you missed something funny that howard said.

    or is the only way around this to get xm or sirius


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    I was under the impression that the biggest reason to build a carputer was to not have to listen to the radio...
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      You mean take a radio input and record it. Yes, that is possible Look into some sound recoding software

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        i belive ati software for there television products has a tivo like interface, but i dont know about dvd or radio


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          There are radio tuner cards for your pc, so i wonder if you can get that software to work with the radio tuner as opposed to the tv tuner


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            You were the one asking the question. Yes, I'm sure you can get software for it, as it just pipes the sound from a sound-out in the tuner into the sound in on your motherboard/sound-card. Simple.
            1993 BMW 325is - 15.2sec