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win2k resume crashes

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  • win2k resume crashes

    hey guys i just did a reformat on my carputer with win2k sp1 cd to clean up old stuff of the hdd that was there.

    now i have a problem that when i resume from hibernation it crashes just as the desktop is about to show up and restarts from the beginning. . . it never did this before i did the reformat. . i dont' know if it was becasue windows was more updated back before i formatted or anything but i need it to work again casue 90 sec boot times versus 20 sec boot times are killing me

    any help would be greatly appreciated.




    here's my system specs:

    biostar mvig pro mobo km266 chipset with integrated audio and video
    256 corsair pc 2100 valuselect ddr
    40gig seagate barracudda IV
    amd duron 1.3

    hope taht info would also help in troubleshooting
    2003 Mazda Protege5
    Molded Xenarc touch Screen
    Via M10000, seagate 40gb, 16x laptop dvd, RS gps
    EDAC 55w dc/dc
    homebrew shutdown controller
    2 power acoustik 10 FUBR's, A1800DB mono amp, AH600 to power mids and highs, pioneer speakers

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    hybernation uses the ram. Have you been able to use diferent ram sticks?
    What im curently listening to.
    My complete carpc setup