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98lite + Lan = long boot problems

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  • 98lite + Lan = long boot problems

    I've made a new installation of Win98SE using 98lite. All went ok, the sysyem load very fast, but I've encountered problems after installing the Network PCI card.
    The system start normally, then there is a delay between the windows logo (98lite logo) and the normal windows scren; the computer does nothing (the hdd led is off).

    I think maybe there is a sort of "delay setting" in some .ini or .sys file that can be changed...

    Please help
    - My project would be in the works right now...
    - (sorry for my english :o)

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    always a win98 problem, give the NIC a IP if TCP/IP is installed or just use IPX/SPX instead.... either way should make for a faster boot time and still let use the nick card.


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      The long boot time is when windows is searching/waiting for a dhcp server to give it a ip, enter your own and you should have no problem.
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