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Letting people know about MusicLobby

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  • Letting people know about MusicLobby

    This is not really a Car app but is sure is attractive and can be used by you guys...

    It is basically a client server touchpad oriented front end for Media Centre 9. It can be run on multiple touchpads around a home to control a central music server but it can also easily run on the same machine as the server...

    As its designed to be competition to Crestron / Panja / etc automation system its price may worry some but I use this in my Home Theater PC and HT setup so its appealing for a Car PC...

    Mario is currently working on a PDA control system for this as well so if you have no screen mounted you can still control you car PC (in the boot via 802.11) from your PDA (or use the PDA mounted on dash)...

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    Looks cool but it seems like it might be too small of an interface for a 7" touch.