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Booting between Win98lite / Linux same mp3s?

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  • Booting between Win98lite / Linux same mp3s?

    I had a unique question that Icouldn't seem to find an answer for. I myself am a local DJ, and I've been looking into using Final Scratch and digital vinyl software that runs on Linux only. My question is. . . Ideally I want to build a mini-itx box for both my carputer and in order to run Final Scratch. It requires a 500mhz proc, so the 800mhz itx would be more then ample. My main concern is being able to share the same mp3s as my digital vinyl collection, with my carputer. Is it possible to place OS's each on a parition and media on a third parition and share that media between windows and linux? Also I plan on running a Xenarc 7" serial touch for car, and 15" lcd for dj setup. Also using standard keyboard and mouse for DJ as well. Is there anyway to have the computerboot to linux is keyboard/mouse is plugged in, and to win98 / media engine if not. That way it will boot as quickly as possible and I wont need to press anything to select media engine when the computer is in my car. Let me know your guys input.


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    You can easily access your mp3 collection from both OS's. What I would do is make a separate partition, asside from the Linux and Windows ones, and format it Fat 32. That way windows will have no problem seeing it, and neither will Linux. You will need to mount that partition in linux though..

    I am not sure about the keyboard/mouse question. I have never heard of anyone doing that, but that doesnt at all mean its not possible. But, I would assume you would be stuck with sellecting windows/linux from a boot menu.


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      i can open a view all my mp3's in my xp partiton from linux but i cant see my linux partition in xp so just store all your mp3 on the windows drive.


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        Probably the best thing is to use LILO with a short (2-3 sec) timeout, defaulting to Windows.

        This way, when you have a keyboard hooked up, you have a couple of seconds to hit a key to change it to load Linux

        Other than that, no other solution I can think of to get round that.

        Oh yeah, and make sure you do put your music on a partition that's FAT32, that way both Linux and Windows can read it

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