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    I have been searching for a simple program that will do MPG average, and keep a log of how much I spend on fuel, overall MPG average, ect. So far the only luck im having is comming up with Truckers programs that are over kill. Is anyone using anything out there like this? or have any sudgestions?


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    Did you take a look at autopro? I was testing it out but lost interest and time.
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      The Best program i found is called car care ( it tracks gas milage, it can even tell you how much money you speed on each gas station you visit, amoung tons of other reports. you can also track service and repair info, as well as insurance and lisence cost. and there are TONS of reports that you can run on all this info that you enter, you can even attach a picture of the parts used directly to the record of the repair

      Its a pretty sweet program


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        Check this out:

        I used it on my PDA and on my PC and it's great!
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          thats a retty good one two, the car care program is also available for a palm OS handhekd, I noticed yours is for windows handhelds, is it availabke for palm OS aswell?


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            Thanks for the replys everyone. At least that gives me some more ideas