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    oh dear....i installed red hat 9 on my second pc its working but i cant do anything like installing apps seems to be a nightmare......

    Can someone point me somewhere i can learn to install apps.....or compile or whatever the phrase is.....

    this is all too much for my tiny mind.

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    I am not putting you donw or anything but linux has a learning curve a little steeper than winblows or macintosh. The best bet is for you to go to a book store and look under computer books (check out the older items at discounted prices). System commands are the same. Flavours and versions can change but that's nothing.

    Since you seem to be having problems when it comes to compiling applications, do you have all (and the right) dependency files installed? It will not compile if the libaries are missing or the compiler is missing. Make sure you are pointing everything to the right places.

    Without error codes and what you are trying to do and how you get there, I/we can't help you much.
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      redhat has something thats called rpms. They are much like an exe installer for windows. WHere you download a file and then install the rpm and the software is on your system.

      The problem is it usually won't install an icon on your desktop or "start menu" like in windows.. So you either have to make a launcher icon or open a terminal and type in the command to run the program. Its like opening a dos window and running a program through dos
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        You can start by reading through documentation at redhat:

        This one suits your needs:

        See the "Installing and Updating Red Hat Linux Packages" section.

        You will find many howtos on google. The application you're trying to install may have an install guide in its documentation. Also look for readme or install text file in the zip, tar, gzip archives.

        Until you get the hang of things, read through ever peice of documentation you can find. If its an application your trying to install, check their website for install directions, user guides, etc. You'll find plenty of howtos on google. You can also consult the man pages, try running "man man" and "man rpm".
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