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which micro kernel or cut down linux to use?

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  • which micro kernel or cut down linux to use?

    Hi - IRMP3 seems to have everything i need (i.e. character display, keypad input and infra red support) from an mp3 player. I was wondering which version of linux i should use. I want the fastest boot time - should i be looking at a microkernel or a regular install of linux?
    Hope someone can offer advice.

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    Im very close to setting up linux for my self, i run Gentoo linux all the time on my desktop machine and i find it the perfect match for anything really, No bloat just what you want. You choose everything to install from the get go and you even have the option to compile everything youself for optomization. And then you could build your own small kernel easily. I would recomend you try Gentoo and on top of that maby COAR(iirc.) which is old but im gona see if i can get it to work from the gentoo base install, it setups everything to run from a ram disk so you get speed and can mount your filesystem read only which should help keep it uncorrupted, however im not sure if this is really nessary in the days of ReiserFS and ext3 etc. Hope that helps some.
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      If you slim down your kernel and do your own init scripts you can get a kernel load to userland in about 2-3s after POST completes. Once you are in userland you can immediately start your mp3 processes and background the other startup scripts that are not as critical.

      Kernel load times are really pretty fast when you start tweaking.. and for ultra fast booting there's always LinuxBIOS
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        mind explaining the linuxbios more?


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          Gork, can you explain (Or point me to find it) about making init scripts?
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            do a google search for linuxbios but not every motherboard is supported.
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              Gorks answer to init scripts is correct, but difficult to elaborate. RH, SuSE (debian based), Slackware, Gentoo, Xandros, or true Debian all have little quirks in thier init scripts. Suse may support something that the rest dont. Do a search on starting services in parallel on google and he has a good general way to make your system cut down its boot time. I personally recommend Suse or debian because it is so easy to update and do the kernel recompile/install( I have found that it is a little easier than the rest). Apt get update is another blessing for the debian crowd, but that is for keeping your system updated. If you arent going to keep it updated then any linux distro should do fine.

              NOTE: this should help
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                Thank you. I personally perfer Debian, and am quite good at making it run.. I am learning how to source-install XFree86, but that is taking longer then it should, mainly due to my lack of a M10000 system with Linux (Its running XP right now )

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                  I've been messing around lately with a hacked version of LEAF (linux embedded application firewall). Nice thing about it is that LEAF loads everything into an initrd (variable size), so everything can run from a ramdisk. I've also manged to get IDE, ext2 and sound driver support into the distro, so at the moment it can boot and play mp3s off a read only mounted ext2 partition.

                  This's nice 'cause you don't have to shutdown. you can just pull the power and it won't care.