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  • General question on FLAC

    I was so exited to hear about a lossless audio converter, so I downloaded FLAC. 2 problems I see:

    1) It does not work with the newest bigie, I am sure they will come out with a new version soon.

    2) It only takes .wav files??? What I want to do is convert all my cd's to a format I can play on my carputer (WinAmp or similar). Does this mean I have to first convert all tracks to .wav, THEN encode with FLAC? What is the use in that - just to save space? I must be missing something.
    * 2000 Ford Expedition
    * EPIA M10000/512 meg RAM, Win XP PRO, 90w OPUS, 80 gig HD
    * TM-710VGT LCD, Wireless mouse, keyboard
    * M-Audio Sound Card, 2 Alumapro 10" subs, 2 PPI Amps (1kW)

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    1. DownloadEAC
    2. Copy the FLAC files into the EAC directory
    3. Set up EAC's Compression Options to use FLAC as the encoder
    4. Put your CD in the drive, check the track info, and hit the MP3 button
    5. Enjoy your lossless audio

    What extension does FLAC use on files? When you find out, let me know, and I'll add it to 1.77 of MediaEngine and upload the EXE I've already done this with Ogg Vorbis files

    Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E