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How to remove winamp AVS border. - Sample VB6 code

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  • How to remove winamp AVS border. - Sample VB6 code

    I tried hacking the dll, and while I was able to expand the avs when docked in the avs editor window to fill the window, I could not get rid of the editor window title.. no matter what parameters I tried on it.. I got really frustrated, and said **** it.. I would just use AVS only in overlay mode.

    Fast forward to today, I was looking back into getting my program going again.. and I thought, why not just crop the avs drawregion? After a little api hunting, and offset tweaking.. I ended up with functional avs border removal code

    For the sample.. just open winamp, and have the avs window running.. enter in your settings, and [click]
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    Also, I forgot to mention one limitation.. the vis_avs.dll plugin automatically docks to the edge of winamp or the screen edge when it comes within a certain amount of pixels of them.. I haven't investigated a way to fix this yet.. just be warned that if you try to place it near either it will not place in the correct position. :P