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  • My Perfect Software Solution - Dig!

    Well.. After doing a search about a year ago I dug this up:
    I D/L'd it and what a COOL peice of software for a mobile touchscreen application. TOTALLY customizeable. (note custom desktop on image)
    Quick rundown. Onboard, MP3/playlist with one touch access w/screensaver or VIS . AND a onboard CD ripper! (note playlist and mp3 file on image) Custom icons with adjustable size. Complete access to your system (note: C: on image) Onetouch App Launching (note GPS and stats on image) Customizeable clock (note clock on image) System tools including reboot, shutdown, exit software, and instant turnoff (note images on bottom right)
    Runs on a win98 system as a GUI replacement. You can set it up to auto run on startup and all CD/DVD functions are easy access. Add on a ouboard background app for 802.11 file sync and you have an ideal software GUI, IMHO.
    Touchscreen operation is SUPREME! I've run it myself.
    Now, before we all start going out and buying this stuff, we need to contact the company and see if we can get a group purchase going! But D/L it and try it out.. 30 day trial.


    And this was my solution before I bought the new rig.

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    Is this a GUI replacement or a shell replacement? You can get Litestep to replace the shell. It's free, better looking, and it's 100x's more functional than this.