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  • Better Divx,Xvid ETC... Codec

    Most people have been using the nimo codec package. I have a lot of problems while using it. So I did a search and found this site.
    It fixes all most all the problems I had with video downloads. No more green screens, scrambeled video, I got sound on every movie now(wow), My videos are no longer up side down. This is not an ad just a little FYI because it worked for me.
    This is my personal homepage no advertisement here. It has a shot of my carpc project.

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    Good find. Will try it out tonight...
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      Nimo is passè. I find the kazaa lite codec kit works well with minimal hassle. No direct link, sorry, the developers over there subscribe to the "ultra annoying" school of webdev.


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        yea, i heard of it long time ago...but i've never seen movies based on trivix compression

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          If you read the installation procedure notes, you wouldn't run into problems after installing Nimo Codec Pack. You're supposed to un-check certain ones, because they interfere with each other. But I agree, Nimo is bloated. Kazaa Lite Codecs are alright.