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  • Winamp5 beta

    Ok. This popped up on another thread...and had a lot of discussion.

    So lets put it all here.

    It can be downloaded here...usually.

    Some info from the Winamp site.

    From what I have seen, it seems just like 3 with more eyecandy on the base skin...a lot more eye candy.

    Also from what I have seen, it is just as huge of a processor hog as 3, unless you pull up the classic skin...then it is just like 2.

    My lowly 120 can handle the 2.xx winamp, but not the 5 with the fancy skins.

    So for me, unless a simple skin gets produced, it is no better than 2.xx

    What say you...
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    I like it... it boggs up only when I convert mp3s to wav (Illegal Cd Burning... I know Im goin hell for it but at least I will have free tunes while im goin down) and I have 750 athlon with 256 mb so perhaps it just because I run a clean ship with only my images and music on here.
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    thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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      On my dual XP1800 (512MB RAM) it runs slow with the Modern skin, but not with my 2.91 skins (Base or OS X ) and I like it.. I'll give it a bit more time to see if I like it or not, but it DOES run slower then 2.91.
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        Runs great fo me on my xp 1800 with 768 mb ram I like the fact that you can resize the main window and how the vis is locked into the skin I bet someone could make a great skin for it Ohh yeah and the winamp 2 plugin support is great too